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Make the most of tropical goodness with these 11 mango desserts

Mango season has arrived, and with that, our inner Julia Child. Try these amazing mango recipes at home and treat your tastebuds to a whole lotta tropical goodness.

Mango desserts you can make at home

Mango mousse

It is one of the easiest ways to make a delicious dessert from mangoes. This bright and creamy mango mousse is the perfect dessert for when there’s a special occasion or a last-minute sweet craving. This is eggless, requires no cooking and can be easily made from scratch. All you need is fresh mangoes, cream, and sugar and voila! You have a delicious batch ready.

Mango meringue cake

Image: Courtesy Unsplash/ Rob Wicks

Next up, this creamy cake mango dessert has got a world of goodness. Packed with the tanginess of lemon zest and mango juice, along with thick layers of mascarpone cheese and mango puree in between, this cake is topped off with a delicious meringue layer. Even with its complex taste, it’s fairly easy to make, and that’s what makes this dessert such a steal deal.

Mango sorbet

This is a great low-calorie dessert to satisfy your mango cravings this summer. Creamy mango sorbet is the best way to beat the heat. Combining the flavours of sweet mangoes and tart lime, you will only need three ingredients for this mango dessert- mango, lime and sugar. If you want to store your sorbet to eat it later, here’s a pro tip from the recipe. Add some alcohol to the sorbet so it doesn’t become too frosty.

Mango trifle

Moist cake, sweet mangoes, chocolate whipped cream, and crisp macadamia nut! What’s not to like about this recipe since it is one of the most delicious mango desserts out there! Take one bite of this, and you will be transported to a world of mango goodness! You can either use store-bought cake or bake yourself one. As long as you are piling up the cake with layers of mango and fluffy chocolate whipped cream, you are good! Top it off with some chopped macadamia nuts to add some crunch to this dessert.

Classic mango mochi

This is a tangy, sweet and refreshing mango dessert that is easy to make and scores high in the taste department. Mochi is a classic Japanese dessert made with glutinous rice flour. For this, you first need to cover the mango filling in a chewy mochi cake, then roll them into mango mochi balls, and cover in shredded coconut, and your summer dessert is ready!

Mango and Coconut panna cotta

Panna cotta is an Italian classic, a melt-in-mouth dessert with sweetened cream thickened with gelatin. This decadent mango dessert here is a mix of mango cream and coconut cream and then topped off with mango slices and mint leaves. It’s not the easiest dessert to make, but the effort is going to be so worth it once it’s ready!

Mango tart

What’s not to like about a tart? Salty, buttery crumble, decadent filling and a burst of flavours in your mouth. This one’s probably going to be one of your favourite mango desserts of all time. This mango tart is all about a crumbly, buttery shortbread crust, creamy custard filling, and sweet and juicy mangoes. Winner!

Mango cheesecake

Cheesecakes are an all-season favourite. Adding some mangoes to this already perfect dessert will only shoot its goodness up several notches. This cheesecake is a mix of decadent mango and cream cheese filling and a buttery crust loaded with lots of mangoes. What makes this mango dessert even better is that it’s a no-bake cheesecake.

Mango ice cream

The good ol’ classic that you can never go wrong with. Of course, you have had store-bought mango ice creams all your life, but the joy of making something so good and so easy at home is unmatched. The best part? You don’t need to have an ice cream maker for this. All you need are mangoes, condensed milk and cream for this quick, easy but delicious ice cream! Mango desserts don’t get better and easier than this.

Mango icebox cake

You can make this Filipino dessert at home, which is not only mouth-wateringly delicious but equally easy to make. You need graham crackers, whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk and fresh mangoes for this spin on the classic Filipino dessert Crema de Fruta. Assemble the layers and refrigerate them overnight.

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Such delicious combinations of desserts are also easy to make. Among all, I would love to taste mango mousse and mango cheesecake. I have once tried mango sorbet at my home. It was very delicious and it tasted just like a real mango. For health conscious people mango sorbet is an excellent choice. From classiblogger.

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